2012 Yamaha SuperJet™
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The best stand-up in history is the last one standing.

Whether it's freestyle, closed-course racing or free-riding, the SuperJet gives the ultimate combination of balance, control and freedom. With a legendary riding experience like nothing else on the water, the best-selling stand-up watercraft of all time continues its reign as the undisputed champion of the water.

 Manufacturer  Yamaha
 Model Year  2012
 Model  SuperJet™
 MSRP  $7,999.00*
 Length  88.2 in. (2.24 m)
 Height  26 in. (0.66 m)
 Width  26.8 in. (0.68 m)
 Weight  306 lbs. (139 kg)
 Engine  2-cylinder, 2-stroke Yamaha marine
 Displacement  701 cc
 Fuel Type  Regular unleaded
 Fuel Tank Capacity  4.8 gal. (18 l) with 1.5 gal. (5.6 l) reserve
 Pump  144 mm
 Hull Material  Fiberglass
 Hull Type  Other
 Seating  1 person
 Colors  Black

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