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Sportsman® Touring 550 EPS - Most Comfortable 2-Up ATV

The Sportsman® Touring 550 EPS is the most comfortable 2-Up ATV in its class. Electronic Power Steering, spring-mounted passenger seat, large front storage box, everything about this machine is built for ultimate driver and passenger comfort for the long haul.


Model Year
Sportsman® Touring 550 EPS
Starting at MSRP


86.5 in. (219.7 cm)
58.25 in. (147.9 cm)
47.6 in. (120.9 cm)
765 lbs. (348 kg)
Ground Clearance
11.25 in. (28.5 cm)
57 in. (144.8 cm)
Seat Height
35.75 in. (90.8 cm)


4-stroke, SOHC, 1-cylinder
549 cc
Electronic fuel injected
Fuel Tank Capacity
5.25 gal. (19.9 l)


Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H
Drive System
System: On-Demand True AWD/2WD
Final: Shaft


Front: Single lever hydraulic disc
Rear: Hydraulic rear foot
Cast aluminum
Front: 26 x 8-14; Maxxis M9805
Rear: 26 x 10-14; Maxxis M9806


Front: Dual A-arm 9 in. (22.9 cm) travel
Rear: Dual A-arm, rolled 10.25 in. (26 cm) travel
Load Capacity
Front Rack: 120 lbs. (55 kg)
Rear Rack: 240 lbs. (110 kg)
Towing Capacity
1,500 lbs. (680.4 kg)


Boardwalk Blue, Solar Red

Standard Features

Smoothest Riding
 First-ever Seat Suspension  
    The exclusive Comfort Ride Seat Suspension™ features a spring beneath the passenger seat, adding another 1 in. of travel to the 10.25 in. of travel on the legendary Polaris IRS. Our IRS is angled rearward for even greater comfort and to reduce squat while accelerating.  
 Electronic Power Steering  
    The smoothest, most responsive power steering available. Plus Variable Assist for easier steering at lower speeds. Our EPS let's you ride all day with less fatigue from steering.  
 Legendary Smooth Rolled IRS  
    Years of innovation and relentless tuning have refined the ride to a level unmatched in the industry. Rolled Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) angles the shocks rearward for 10.25 in. of travel leading to a smoother ride and less squat during acceleration.  
 Ergonomics for your Comfort  
    With the engine rotated 90 degrees, riders enjoy 33 percent wider floorboards and narrow vehicle width at the knees and ankles. The narrower seat reduces leg fatigue and increases rider comfort.  
 Anti-kickback Steering  
    Placing the steering axis near the neutral center of the tire and having the long dual A-arm front suspension dramatically reduces kickback and minimizes rider fatigue that comes with jolts to the handlebars from trail and ground obstacle.  
 Lock & Ride® Passenger Hand Grips  
    These unique hand grips go on and off in seconds, giving you the flexibility of having grips available for the passenger when needed, or removing them when needing to use the back rack for one-up riding or strapping down equipment and gear.  
Hardest Working
 Unrivaled 550 Engine  
    The liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 550 engine delivers smooth, efficient power and plenty of it for working, hunting and trail riding.  
 On-demand True All Wheel Drive  
    Still the best automatic 4 x 4 system out there, the AWD engages all four tires when the rear wheels slip and you need more forward traction. Reverts back to 2WD when you don’t.  
 Active Descent Control (ADC) and Engine Braking System (EBS)  
    Work together to monitor and control downhill braking to give you optimum control and smooth, even deceleration during descents (less than 15 mph).  
 Standard Front Storage and Accessory Rear Box  
    Large front storage has 8.2 gal. of capacity. For more storage, remove the passenger seat and Lock & Ride® hand grips and replace it with an optional Lock & Ride accessory box with 2.5 gal. capacity.  
 High Capacity, High-Mounted Radiator  
    The radiator is raised high to keep it out of the mud. Its large surface area provides more cooling capacity to your machine. And with removable Lock & Ride® front rack, it's easily accessible and easier to clean.  
More Features
 For cold-weather riding, add a pair of heated hand grips for your passenger to make sure they can keep enjoying the trails in comfort in cooler weather.  
 Two lights are located in the front bumper and one mounted in the handlebar pod. Maximize your lighting with the ability to have all three on at once for 150W of power.  


Boardwalk Blue

Solar Red

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